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      Amanda Izzo


      Amanda Izzo(阿曼达-依佐)



      【Amanda Izzo(阿曼达-依佐)】

      Amanda Izzo,美国纽约人,英国皇家音乐学院艺术教育硕士,美国纽约皇后学院音乐学士、音乐表演艺术学士双学位,现任国家大剧院长笛首席,中音阶梯特聘外教长笛教师


      国家大剧院管弦乐团 May 2011-Present (现在) 副首席长笛
      Every Good Boy Does Fine (Musical Theatre with Southbank Sinfonia) January 2010-March 2010 co-Principal Flute
      Southbank Sinfonia (London) January- November 2009 Co-Principal Flute
      Royal Academy of Music (RAM) Scheme with London Symphony Orchestra April 2008 Flute/Piccolo
      RAM Symphony Orchestra with Susanna Malkki February 2008 Principal Flute
      RAM Sinfonia, Opera with Sir Colin Davis November 2007 Flute
      Aaron Copland School of Music Symphony Orchestra with NY Met Opera soloist Erika Sunnegardh May 2007 Piccolo
      广州交乐团 March 2006 Substitute Flute

      Chamber Music

      国家大剧院 chamber music conerts ongoing
      Southbank Sinfonia Lunchtime Chamber Music Concerts at Royal Opera House March, April 2009
      Harp Chamber Music Concert (Jongen, Concert a Cinq) at RAM, March 2008
      Modern Instrument Baroque Music Chamber Concert at RAM, Jan 2008
      Featured Soloist (Corigliano’s Pied Piper Fantasy) with Queens College Symphony Orchestra, 2005
      Featured Soloist (Martin’s Ballade) with Long Island Sound Symphony, 2001


      Master of Arts , Royal Academy of Music, London UK -Study with Clare Southworth, Kate Hill, Patricia Morris (Piccolo), Lisa Beznosuik (Baroque Flute)
      Double Degree (HON) 2006- Queens College, NY USA: Bachelor of Music, Music Performance Bachelor of Arts, East Asian Studies/中文 -Study with Renee Siebert, Keith Underwood
      Study Abroad 2005-2006, 中央音乐学院, 北京中国 -学习跟韩国良

      Master Classes

      William Bennett Royal Academy of Music, 2007-2009 (ongoing)
      Sharon Williams Royal Academy of Music, Spring 2008 (piccolo)
      Margaret Campbell Royal Academy of Music, Spring 2008
      Emmanuel Pahud 中央音乐学院 Fall 2005
      Susan Milan 中央音乐学院 Fall 2005


      Royal Academy of Music Bursary Award 2007-2008
      Queens College Study Scholarship (with Renee Siebert) 2006
      Queens College Study Abroad Scholarship 北京中国 2005-2006
      Queens College Dorothy and Morris Grosser Award for Woodwind Excellence 2005
      Queens College Concerto Competition Winner 2005